Monday, March 20, 2017

Radio Podrophenia - Music for Mentalists

The March Madness edish of Podrophenia is up for download, and it's possibly our most eccentric session yet.. Mae West goes Rock ‘n’ Roll. Petula Clark goes disco, Reginald Bosanquet goes funky, Hawkwind get schlagerd and there's a space-pop nugget wherein aliens land looking for new life in Northampton!See the info-tainment clip on the single below...

Special guest Grant Philpott brings in some of his spoken word mash-ups (including Jimmy Smith meets Mark E Smith and Pam Ayres with Roy Ayres) and talks about his television work on The Word, the Big Breakfast and his ten years on TV Burp…

There's Essex Films, Kitchen bands and Shart songs - and an 8 bit quiz based around rock classics getting digitised All here, all yours and all free



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Friday, February 17, 2017

Podrophenia - break ups, shake up & make ups

The latest Podrophenia is up for grabs - and as it's the end of The Ends we're doing 'break ups, shake up & make ups' - with Joe Blamey from The Ends giving us the news on the band's new EP and their final gig.

Roll-out wise, there's cold bands, and some Trump-thumping with who said it - Partridge or Trump, fake music news and alternative rock 'n' pop facts... And possibly the worst album cover in history from a band who really should know better - all hereabouts and all free...



Friday, January 20, 2017

Podrophenia best of 2016

The latest Podrophenia is up for download and features Piley and m'selfs fave finds of 2016, plus - an interview with Paul Fleming of Baltic Fleet on the new album (some of the tunes you may recognise from Top Gear and Grand Tour). We've Star Wars songs contributed by the Podrophonic Massive, a stage invasion from some SFOB chums, news on a Southend themed wallaper- and an unreleased Howling Black Soul rarity- grab your copy hereabouts

 Download here


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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Podrophenia with West Weston and Doug Kaye

The latest Podrophenia is up for download and features the twin team-up of harmonica legend West Weston (who's played with Wilko Johnson, Roger Daltry and Muddy Water's son Mud Morganfield) - and friend of Hendrix, Doug Kaye.

Both West and Doug bring in some faves to play from their impeccable record collections. All here for your listening ears...

Download here


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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Podrophenia - Movember

Last night a DJ shaved my life: the Movember edition of Podrophenia from Piley and m'self, celebrates a medley of mustachioed musicians found across rock's sonic spectrum; from art.pop to punk, from retro to electro

Also a live session from Nathan Abbott with exclusive new tunes from his NATO album...

If tache the way you like it - dig in and download here



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Monday, October 31, 2016

Podrophenia - Eclectic Ladyland with Doug Kaye

In the later sixties. Doug Kaye worked at his brother's Brook Street restaurant Mr Love - where Jimi Hendrix rented a small apartment above the shop, Doug was also the resident DJ at Mr Love and is featured in the recreation of Jimi's flat, and in the book Hendrix at Home.

Most of the albums played in this Podrophenia have been touched by the hand of Hendrix as Doug regularly lent albums to Jimi. So buckle up for crackling, popping top quality tracks from Doug's vinyl collection with tales of his time at Mr Love including meets with Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Keith Moon, Dave Mason, Dusty, Richie Havens, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and a ton of others...

You can download here , stream below - or grab via iTunes

Monday, October 3, 2016

Podrophenia - the Books edition with Zoë Howe and Andy J Gallagher

Riddle me this pod-pickers: where can you find ....

*Zoë Howe reading from her new novel 'Shine on Marquee Moon' (and hand-sifting some SOMM related tunes)

*Andy Gallagher live in session, and bringing news of his due soon album

*A repeat spin of Michael Elphick's grim-disco shocker 'Gotcha'. And a fruity newbie from The Mutants..

Answer: in the latest edition of Podrophenia - on the shelves now. Take one and pass it on here....



Friday, August 12, 2016

Radio Podrophenia - The Solo edition...

Roll up and load up your listening gadgets with the latest Podrophenia. The theme is (there's always a theme) solo acts.. as in, always on their tod, or working outside of the usual groupings..

Live-wise we bring you a hypnotic session from tattoo artist, Streisand tribute act and singer/songwriter Jillian Winter , who also hand-picks some fave tracks 'n' tunes from her record collection. And there's a spin from ENNÈ's Song Bird EP.

All this plus our first round of Yoko Ono-yes or Yoko Ono-no.. it's all going on for your listening ears below...



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Friday, July 29, 2016

Howling Black Soul - blast of the summer wine

Boys, girls rockers and rollers - tomorrow night, Howling Black Soul make their last check-in of the summer season at Peggy Sue's...

And what a season it's been, festivals. team-ups and stage invasions..

We'll be joined by locally sourced bluesman and make of his own home-made kit and equipment< Paul Woodley

A few viewings from the Howling Black VT archive ....

 Headlining at Leigh Folk Festival

At Star of Kings, King's Cross


Supporting Purson at Chinnerys

Kick off's at 8:30. HBS are on 9ish and I'll be doing the tunes til booting out time

Cone on down and shake a leg or anything else you fancies

Monday, July 11, 2016

Podrophenia - Post Punk Special with Barry Cain, Treatment and Russ Toothbrush

For our 7th anniversary edition of Podrophenia - we chat to Flexipop's Barry Cain about his tour of Japan with The Stranglers, a meeting with phlegmy-fan, painting a naked Hugh Cornwell black and white (including his little-Hugh) - and why Barry was forcibly removed from a Blondie interview ...

Russell Lee from The Pink Toothbrush (formerly Croc's) drops in for a chat about the history of the club (which band had the lowest ever attendance), talks Brushfest and shares some tunes. Southend post-punkers Treatment are in session.- and we've got a rare Adam and The Ants track

All here in our sweariest ever Podrophenia



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