Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Podrophenia fifth Anniversary special - with five tunes of boom, from The Ends...

Kapow, what a way to celebrate five years of Podrophonic bumbling - with a full-pelt belter of a session from The Ends. Who, gave us a fistful of booming new tunes - and a couple of bonus covers, off the cuff and unrehearsed, but sounding as fast and furious as the rest of the set  - all played out live, to a specially invited audience, and at the centre of the set  - new single Black Hole Girl

Studio-wise there's all the usual chat and natter. some '5' themed tracks from Sammy Davies, Ben Folds, David Bowie, David Woodcock sweary Elvis and five punk legends that make up The Mutants..

And a pop-up from Podro past guests Pouchy Paul and Jack Gestures, and newbies to the pod booth - Steve Taylor of Swindle and Mickey Denny

So buckle up and behold as Podrophenia meets The Ends...
MP3 here, iTunes here or stream away below

Friday, July 18, 2014

Snap, Crackle & Bastard Pop: Spliced Krispies 2

When I first fired up this blog, almost seven years ago - one of the earliest entries was a Fabtastic bootleg remix Jet Lady Joe - leaked from the lab of DJ and remixer Mark Vidler - aka Go Home Productions...

A few months on, and we were lucky enough to bag a world exclusive on GHP's hat-popping, bastard pop compendium - Spliced Krispes, which bolted together The Supremes with TV themes, the Beach Boys with school boys

So huzzah and hats in the air - as the Willy Wonka of soundwaves, returns with booming new batch of disco biscuits, where scraps and shrapnel from R 'n' B, punk, 80s funk, new wave and new bands are whisked and whirled into newly minted mashups and sonic screen prints.

You can grab the entire collection for free here - but first load up on a triple whammy taste test with a few words from GHP HQ..

My Paperback Sharona 
The Beatles 'Paperback Writer' vs The Knack 'My Sharona'

I've always loved 'My Sharona' with a passion that borders on the ridiculous...seriously *cough.. and always wanted to pair it up with something decent. Along come them Beatles (again) and Paperback Writer (again) but what the hell, these two tracks were made for each other. Lot's of editing went into this one but I won't bore you with technical details....for long.

The Beatles 'guitar riff' was cut to match the Sharona riff and plays with it the majority of the time. Had to edit down the long version of Sharona to match the 'single' version...easy...and had lots of fun finding relevant dub delays & reverbs. There you go...that's as boringly techy as I can be bothered with.


Rude Peaches 
Rihanna 'Rude Boy' vs The Stranglers 'Peaches'

Had a Stranglers fixation for a month or so earlier this year. Was hoping to do something with 'Nuclear Device' but Peaches is much easier to plunder riffage and stuff from. Listening back to this it reminds me of early GHP bootlegs...in the way that I used to pair all those 'R 'n B female vocals with rock songs...mainly due to the fact that in those heady days of 2002-2004, those were the only readily available acapellas I suppose.

Anyway, Rihanna complements the bump & grind of Peaches pretty well. Check the video! I plundered lots of the footage from The Stranglers gig at Battersea Park '78 when they brought on 10 strippers for Nice 'n Sleazy.


Whatever My Tears
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 'Tracks Of My Tears' vs Oasis 'Whatever'

A cheeky little match. Was originally wanting to have Smokey's vocals with strings only from 'Whatever' but alas the strings in the verses aren't available, so had to make do with the full Oasis instrumental until the very end where the strings play out. An odd mix but the Oasis track is very 60's in structure and a handful of Motown tracks would probably work with it. Smokey got the short

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Podrophenia: a Five Year Mission to to explore strange new sounds

This evening Piley and I celebrate and mark our fifth Podrophonic Anniversary! Five years that started with us parked up at Piley HQ playing records and a ball-pit, to tonight where we'll be broadcasting live music from The Railway's ballroom

During however many shows it is! (I haven't kept count) we've migrated from as-'n'-when podcasts to regular live radio run-outs. Had sessions from a scrolling rollcall of southend talent:. David Woodcock, Darren Jones, Roman jugg, Andy Gallagher, Syd Moore, Hannah Marsh, Tom Burgess, Philious Williams Steve Hooker and the Glass Brides

Been lucky enough to bring in a gallery of guests for chats and natters. And were on to our 8th live night at the last count, Podrophenia (and sometimes Retroman team-ups) always superbly shot by Paul Hughes, that have included storming performances from the Len Price 3, Bif Bam Pow, TV Smith, Dick Yorke, Swindle, Andy Gallagher, Thee Faction and - Eight Rounds Rapid, the rising rockers who became our first release on the Podrophenia label

Random Podro moments: a flashmob review from the listeners on this single. A stage invasion at our TV Smith night, being bootlegged by Russian sites. Although of all the hot-spots and highlights - getting the offical endorsment and approval of David Bowie will be hard to beat..

A magical, and musical mystery tour that has taken Piley and I to places and people, we couldn't have in anyway expected when we chuckled and bumbled our way through that first sixty minutes of tunes and chatter in July 2009

If you've ever listened live,downloaded a podcast, chipped in, appeared in, commented, suggested a tune, bought a single, shaken a leg at live night - we'd love it if you could swing by for a listen in tonight

Or if you're local pop down to the Railway for our indoor/outdoor broadcast of a live session from Southend's chippies nippiest band The Ends

A huge thank you is due to everyone who's ever done any of the above

You can listen live from 8pm Southend Sentral Time here at Ship Full of Bombs and chip in at Chatwing...

Salut and here's to another 5


Saturday, July 5, 2014

60 Minute Man: Jukebox Jimmy's Guide to Rock and Roll

Boys, girls, rockers and rollers, for the next sixty minutes - let the Pellicci legend and pal of mine, Jukebox Jimmy take you by the hand and guide you through the streets of Rock and Roll..

 Jerry Lewis, Chuck Berry, Ricky Nelson, Jackie Wilson, LaVern Baker and roll call of other rockers are  pitched into play with narration, tales and context about the tracks and acts from Jim

All ripped and rendered from the vinyl library that makes up the JBJ collection. Fill your boots and brothel creepers below...

Jukebox Jimmy's Guide to Rock n Roll

For further foody doings - tuck into the ten minute treat that is Breakfast at Pellicci's with a couple of cameos from Jukebox Jim

Friday, June 27, 2014

Vive Le Rock - Mutant Moments....

Your recommended reading for this month: the most rock 'n' roll mag on the shelves Vive Le Rock

From me, you've got a meet The Mutants feature, catching up  with Chris Constantinou about the band and how the Mutie co-conspirators were recruited. Also an interview with Wilko on how the MC5 changed his life..

Reviews-wise Ian McLagen's newbie and a Wilko Johnson double-barrel best of are under the spotlight as well also Barry Cain's Wet Dreams, Dry Lives.

Other nuggets between the covers include the Eight Rounds Rapid album reviewed. interviews with Bob Mould, the Bunnymen, Neville Staples, Sisters of Mercy and the Bermondsey Joyriders.

Available at WHSmith and all in the know newsagents...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Podrophenia the Food edition - in two flavours

Come On in Our Kitchen...

Behold the latest Podrophenia is now up for download.

We've got Steve from Steve's Salt Beef bar in giving us the history of this brisket based treat, a pop in from sharp-shooting photographer - Paul Hughes and 12 food themed tunes that are so more-ish you'll come back for seconds... But how two flavours? Piley provides you with a meat-feast menu, while I offer a veggie option..

It's available for free as an mp3 DL here, from the SFOB site, or via iTunes

And, you can even stream below...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Podrophenia - the food edition. All you can eat from 8PM tonight...


  Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy - pastrami on rye on our trip to Carnegie Deli 2012

After a two month absence (holidays, DJing) I’m back in the Podrophonic saddle with Pal Piley tonight. So, what’s the theme for June’s tunes – 'Food', and joining us in the SFOB Crow’s Nest for a taste test, Steve from the Steve's Salt Beef Bar, serving the area’s finest Salt Beef say those in the know…

Also onboard official Podrophenia photographer Paul Hughes, there to snap the action for a future feature… I’ll be going for a veggie (p’raps piscatorian) option, with a menu that may include blackberries, catfish, apples, beer, marmalade.

We’re serving up from 8pm at Ship full of Bombs HQ – swing buy and fill your boots at the buffet..

You can grab the last issue of Podrophenia - hereabouts.. or via iTunes...

A couple from the À la carte options

Friday, June 6, 2014

Art and about

It's that time of year when Southend's answer to St Ives - Leigh on Sea, puts on a parade of the finest artistic talent from in and outside of the area with its Art Trail. Taking a polite ramble around the upper regions of SS9, The Broadway, Leigh Road, or down to to the Old Town, you can tick off a list of thirty six artists displaying at twenty three venues - shops, cafes and bars. From dynamic ceramics to local musician themed coasters on sale at Micky Denny's improv Record Shop.. which, will be host to a few in-store performances on Saturday 14th June...

Grab your guide to the LAT hereabouts...

For earthier entertainment of a Saturday night, at Southend's most musical boozer - The Railway, there's a double fisted ding-dong of Thames Delta dynamite and London garage a go-go..

In the Essex corner: Bif Bam Pow return the The Railway for their first gig since, booming the roof off in their pre-season friendly with the Len Price 3 (match report here at The Retroman Blog).

In the Capital Corner: Londiniums Sonic Jewels head the up the bill. Described as 'Hendrix, MC5 and The Stooges whilst giving a nod of approval to 70's Glam Rock'

In between and after these two sets of tear-aways -I'll be pitching simpatico sounds into a strictly non playlisted run of whatever-fits-the-mood-tunes....

A couple roaring hits of late have included..

It all starts 8:30pm Southend Central Time. Come on down and shake whatever wobbles....

Friday, May 23, 2014

Podrophenia: with Darren Jones in for tunes and Barrence Whitfield in for a chat

People of Podrophenia: your recommended weekend listening is hereabouts

Themed around the letter T, Piley and Bacon Dan handle the tunes and banter, Big George operates the tech-deck. There's a live session from Darren Jones and I pop in with a Mutants world exclusive tune - and bring a special guest with me - the rock 'n' roll ledge, Barrence Whitfield for a natter about the band, record collecting and boxing....

Fill your Bank Holiday boots below...




Thursday, May 15, 2014

There's good rocking tonight: Barrance Whitfield and Podrophenia - live from The Railway Hotel, Southend.

Double-decking in all senses is the menu tonight at Southend's most musical boozer - The Railway Hotel

Downstairs: the rip-roaring rootsy rocking of Barrance whitfield and The Savages, with support from the hammond-heavy Mo' Fingers. Between the two yours truly is spinning some sassy sounds.

Upstairs: in the crows nest, and SFOB HQ - Piley and Dan the Bacon Man, bring you the merry May edition of Podrophenia - themed around the Letter T, with music from Thee Faction, a world exclusive from The Mutants and - a live session from Darren Jones.


But will we able to mind-meld these two time-zones together and nip-in a Barrance/Jones team-up. Who knows?

Find out live tonight from 8 right via SFOB. And should you fancy grabbing the April edition of Podrophenia. Dig in here avids....or via iTunes